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  • Concerto in Cocktail Form

    What does a concerto taste like? Several months ago, during a post-concert cocktail gathering with members of my orchestra, ... 2 weeks ago on Neo Classical

  • A New Discovery

    A New Discovery By Josh Holritz Isn’t it fun to discover new things? Perhaps you’ve recently come across a new recipe, ... 5 weeks ago on Neo Classical




  • Happy Anniversary?

    Exactly a year ago at this time I’d been asleep for about two hours and was awakened by a phone call from the Milwaukee ... 4 weeks ago on non divisi

  • A Short Remembrance

    When I was 9 or 10 I was still taking Suzuki lessons and attending the group sessions every Monday night at San Diego State ... 9 weeks ago on non divisi




  • I'm back!!

    I must apologise to all my friends and colleagues for my absence from the cyberworld. I really did not think that you would ... 4 days ago on Brian Dickie

  • A very sad message from Chicago's WFMT

    It is with a profound sense of sadness, sorrow and shock that we must announce that our dear friend and colleague, Andrew ... 3 weeks ago on Brian Dickie



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