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  • Is It Time To Bust Up The Season?
    Joe Patti just keeps you thinking and his post from 10/8/2014 was no exception in that he considers the value in breaking season a […]
  • What’s Your Child Policy?
    Yesterday’s post about the MTT situation at the New World Symphony prompted a number of direct replies from arts mangers who were […]

Brian Dickie

  • Beautiful London
    We are having another glorious few days with the city looking as pretty as […]
  • Lovely concert!!
    Final line up including John Norris, Gustav Kuhn, Liz Mohn, and Francisco A […]

Butts In the Seats

  • Art of Mathematics (Be Sure To Show Your Work)
    A recent building renovation on my campus by the math department offices saw the installation of blackboard walls. The goal was to […]
  • All In The Timing
    While I was at my state presenters’ conference last week, I was speaking to a colleague at a theater a couple hours away about pos […]

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

Neo Classical

  • Where Are Our Wolves?
    A fascinating video is popping around the internet about the amazing effects of the reintroductions of wolves to the Yellowstone N […]
  • We Know How to Symphony Here!
    Introductions and Tacos This past week was the opening concert of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, and it was a nice homecomi […]

non divisi

  • Universal Kerrigan, and FAQ
    Sorry to be absent for so long, but it’s been a crazy few months since the last post. As the legal process grinds on, I’m happy to […]
  • Thanks, and a Statement from the Owner
    Many of you have sent me personal messages, email, cards, flowers, and so many other good wishes. I want to express my gratitude f […]
Scanning the Dial

Scanning The Dial

Sticks and Drones

Lynn Harrell

  • Cello Perspectives With WFMT
    I had the pleasure of participating in WFMT’s cello month, which is planning to broadcast Songs My Father Taught Me on January 31s […]
  • Thank you, Henri.
    Henri Dutilleux has died. His work as a musician and composer is, and like Stravinsky, will remain a pinnacle of accomplishment fr […]