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Brian Dickie

  • Tête à Tête
    I had a terrific couple of hours yesterday evening at Tete à Tête's Op […]
  • Fun at the Pheasantry
    The excellent Pizza Express organisation is rightly proud of its Pizzas (Pi […]

Butts In the Seats

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

Neo Classical

non divisi

  • Universal Kerrigan, and FAQ
    Sorry to be absent for so long, but it’s been a crazy few months since the last post. As the legal process grinds on, I’m happy to […]
  • Thanks, and a Statement from the Owner
    Many of you have sent me personal messages, email, cards, flowers, and so many other good wishes. I want to express my gratitude f […]

Scanning The Dial

Sticks and Drones

  • What is the true deficit in the Met’s financial crisis?
    It occurs to me that when an organization bleeds money such is claimed at the Met, the focus is to stop the bleeding, not to fix t […]
    Ron Spigelman
  • Dear Mr. Gelb…
    Well, to be blunt, you’re not just wrong, you’re dead wrong.  And since the eyes of the (baseball) world are on the beautiful city […]
    Bill Eddins