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Brian Dickie

  • July 23 - grey fun day!
    There was a short break from hot sun yesterday - so expeditions to "si […]
  • Untitled
    Bamburgh Beach 11 am July 22 2014 It was a perfect day yesterday - more fun […]

Butts In the Seats

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

Neo Classical

non divisi

  • Universal Kerrigan, and FAQ
    Sorry to be absent for so long, but it’s been a crazy few months since the last post. As the legal process grinds on, I’m happy to […]
  • Thanks, and a Statement from the Owner
    Many of you have sent me personal messages, email, cards, flowers, and so many other good wishes. I want to express my gratitude f […]

Scanning The Dial

Sticks and Drones

  • Dear Mr. Gelb…
    Well, to be blunt, you’re not just wrong, you’re dead wrong.  And since the eyes of the (baseball) world are on the beautiful city […]
    Bill Eddins
  • Context versus Urtext – Part 3 – Thinking Inside the Box
    To many Bach, Beethoven and Mozart IS new music. We can’t abandon the classics that got us here in the first place! I hear and rea […]
    Ron Spigelman