The Holy Grail

To play well in a symphony orchestra is to make a thousand daily acts of deference. On your audition day, technical perfection and a sense of passionate musical conviction will put you at the head of the pack. Once you’ve joined the orchestra, those same qualities must serve the needs of the group, rather than […]

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Baseball and Beethoven: The Minnesota Orchestra, the Marlins and the Perils of Market Correction

The Minnesota Orchestra has been one of the world’s finest classical music ensembles for a very long time. Originally known as the Minneapolis Symphony, the orchestra performed its premiere concert on November 5, 1903, just weeks after the first World’s Series when the Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 games to 3. But after […]

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It’s Time to Make Music Again

On October 1st, 2012, the Minnesota Orchestra Lockout began. And, on October 1st, 2012, the music stopped. The concerts seized. The passion went missing, through the Management’s disownment of the Minnesota Orchestra Musicians. Our Minnesota Orchestra Musicians, the very ones nominated for a Grammy, the ones receiving a monumental opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall […]

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Confusion reigns

After reading many, many posts about the situation and speaking with someone who has been in the orchestra for various works (substituting and as an extra when the size of a piece required it) I believe it comes down to questions for me. Not answers and not declarations as I am not part of the […]

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