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Orchestra Obscura

In 2001 the artist David Hockney startled the art world by theorizing that advances in realism and accuracy in paintings of many Old Masters such as Ingres, Jan van Eyck, Caravaggio, and Vermeer were not just the result of the artists’ technique and creativity, but also involved the common use of optical devices such as camera […]

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Every few months or so there seems to be yet another article discussing various perspectives regarding women on the podium. I noticed a distinct uptick after the finale of the Proms, at which the eminent Marin Alsop appeared (finally). From the ridiculous to the well-reasoned, female conductors are a hot topic these days. (more…)

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Calling the questions.

I’ll go ahead and say it- I almost feel bad for Michael Henson and Jon Campbell (CEO and Board Chair of the Minnesota Orchestral Association, respectively). Yes, they’ve presided over one of the biggest cultural disasters in recent memory, ripped off their own musicians and ignored the patrons (and of course any and all blogs), […]

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Self Promotion Dept. (again) and thanks to SiriusXM

Most of you know I released a CD last April on AVIE called A Violin’s Life after completing a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. The idea was to partially chronicle the amazing history of the violin I’m so fortunate to be playing by recording works of composers closely associated with it, along with a fairly comprehensive website.  (more…)

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Writer’s blockheads.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Summer is usually kind of a slow news cycle in the arts world, but for come reason there has been a series of provocative articles in the past few weeks on various topics. For those of you looking for some amusing (and sometimes amazing) reading this Friday, […]

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End of season link dump.

Like most everyone in the orchestra business, I was happy to finish out this season with all its peaks and valleys. Personally I’m looking forward to a fairly quiet summer (with some exceptions) but in the meantime here are a few interesting articles just in case you’re tired of reading about Minnesota.… (more…)

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