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Pants on fire.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last several days, affairs in Detroit have become pretty dramatic. After their rejection of the “final offer” on Saturday, on Sunday the musicians were met with a truly bizarre turn of events. One question kept entering my mind: was the DSO management just disingenuous the entire […]

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Too big to fail? Maybe not.

The management of the Detroit Symphony has presented a revised contract proposal in an effort to end the 4-month strike. It’s probably fair to say this is a “final” offer, given the Feb 11 deadline to respond. And if no agreement is reached based on the new proposal? I’m probably not the only one who […]

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Auditions are fun!

Maybe sometimes. But my orchestra recently conducted a few inconclusive auditions, including one last week that involved about 125 candidates. Although I can’t comment on actual audition results or discussions, these episodes did get me thinking (again) about how antiquated and inefficient the orchestral audition process can seem in today’s high-tech world. (more…)

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Three wishes (at least).

Inspired by both Bill Eddins and Drew McManus, I’ve got three wishes (at least) of my own for 2011: For the musicians/management of the Detroit Symphony: That you find a realistic and fair solution before the end of this month. By “realistic and fair”, I mean one that takes into account the concept of cooperation and […]

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Santa Track

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and spectacular 2011. As usual, our friends at NORAD are tracking Santa again, so keep an eye out. (more…)

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Barber redux

This weekend I’ll be playing Samuel Barber’s violin concerto with the Milwaukee Symphony and Edo de Waart. I’m really looking forward to it for various reasons, and I’m reminded again how underrated he still seems to be as an artist. Centenary anniversaries are good for reexaminations. (more…)

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