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Santa Track

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and spectacular 2011. As usual, our friends at NORAD are┬átracking Santa again, so keep an eye out.´╗┐ (more…)

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Barber redux

This weekend I’ll be playing Samuel Barber’s violin concerto with the Milwaukee Symphony and Edo de Waart. I’m really looking forward to it for various reasons, and I’m reminded again how underrated he still seems to be as an artist. Centenary anniversaries are good for reexaminations. (more…)

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Que sera, sera, Sarah.

For 25 years, the eminent violinist Sarah Chang has established herself as one of the superstars of the classical music world. I’ve always admired her phenomenal abilities and genial personality, and have sat next to her countless times as CM with various orchestras since we first met about 100 years ago at Juilliard. Now she’s […]

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Tick Tock

I figured I’d try to get one more post up this summer, which obviously wasn’t my most prolific as far as writing. The situation in Detroit could eventually have a profound impact on anyone with an orchestra job- it’s sort of a perfect storm involving one of the country’s most esteemed ensembles. The outcome there […]

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A Question of (Ir)relevance.

Around this time every year, I find myself reviewing the past season with its inevitable peaks and valleys, and try to process it all in some kind of meaningful way. For me it’s very helpful to think over the litany of chamber music concerts, solo dates, and orchestra concerts to try and digest what actually […]

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Math Quiz

Still No Excuses

Like a lot of string players, I spend quite a bit of time trying to play in tune. I realized pretty early on that there were lots of factors involved, and in fact it’s really an endless quest from a purely mathematical standpoint. Over the years some of my colleagues (especially pianists) dismissed my efforts […]

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