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Link dump featuring DSO, YouTube, Dietmar, and Glenn Beck

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the classical music world, so here’s a quick rundown of some events that really got my attention. Starting with the Detroit Symphony, which reached a tentative contract agreement this week and actually went back to work today. Also notable was today’s interview with DSO music director Leonard Slatkin. […]

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Pants on fire.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last several days, affairs in Detroit have become pretty dramatic. After their rejection of the “final offer” on Saturday, on Sunday the musicians were met with a truly bizarre turn of events. One question kept entering my mind: was the DSO management just disingenuous the entire […]

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Too big to fail? Maybe not.

The management of the Detroit Symphony has presented a revised contract proposal in an effort to end the 4-month strike. It’s probably fair to say this is a “final” offer, given the Feb 11 deadline to respond. And if no agreement is reached based on the new proposal? I’m probably not the only one who […]

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Auditions are fun!

Maybe sometimes. But my orchestra recently conducted a few inconclusive auditions, including one last week that involved about 125 candidates. Although I can’t comment on actual audition results or discussions, these episodes did get me thinking (again) about how antiquated and inefficient the orchestral audition process can seem in today’s high-tech world. (more…)

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Three wishes (at least).

Inspired by both Bill Eddins and Drew McManus, I’ve got three wishes (at least) of my own for 2011: For the musicians/management of the Detroit Symphony: That you find a realistic and fair solution before the end of this month. By “realistic and fair”, I mean one that takes into account the concept of cooperation and […]

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Santa Track

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and spectacular 2011. As usual, our friends at NORAD are tracking Santa again, so keep an eye out. (more…)

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