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Not breaking news (from Detroit)

Yesterday, the Detroit News published a piece by Lawrence Johnson that examines some of the continuing problems at the Detroit Symphony, especially the ongoing trend of departing musicians. I was especially intrigued by the quotes from Tony Woodcock and DSO Executive Director Anne Parsons, who’s management style reminds me more and more of Dick Cheney. Or […]

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Plus ça change…

By now most everyone has heard about the latest developments in Detroit. My first reaction was one of shock and surprise; the surprise lessened considerably after I thought it through a little more. In fact, I found myself wondering why she hadn’t bailed out sooner. But nobody should misconstrue what’s happened- a major loss for […]

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Too big to fail? Maybe not.

The management of the Detroit Symphony has presented a revised contract proposal in an effort to end the 4-month strike. It’s probably fair to say this is a “final” offer, given the Feb 11 deadline to respond. And if no agreement is reached based on the new proposal? I’m probably not the only one who […]

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Que sera, sera, Sarah.

For 25 years, the eminent violinist Sarah Chang has established herself as one of the superstars of the classical music world. I’ve always admired her phenomenal abilities and genial personality, and have sat next to her countless times as CM with various orchestras since we first met about 100 years ago at Juilliard. Now she’s […]

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