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End of Hiatus

I hope, anyway. Somehow this was the craziest season in recent memory, with all the legal stuff and a host of personal challenges, traveling, playing, teaching, etc. so the blog suffered a bit. And now my semi-annual oath to write a little more, maybe even something interesting once in awhile. To that end, here’s a new project […]

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Blinding Science update.

  Last week’s article got quite a few clicks, and yesterday I received a comment from Claudia Fritz, who supervised the much-discussed research. I detected a slightly elevated fur level, so it seems like a thoughtful reply is in order. (more…)

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A special road trip.

This week I head off on a trip I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. Most readers know I play on a stupendous violin that sort of dropped out of the sky awhile back. In a few days it’ll be in its old neighborhood to play some concerts in honor of it’s namesake. (more…)

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More Crazy Instrument Stuff

Since this Strad thing happened (see earlier post) it seems like every week or so there are a few more zany instrument stories. Like this guy. I guess the idea of anonymity didn’t really make sense to him. (more…)

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Dude, Where’s My Violin?

A week ago the violinist Philippe Quint took a taxi from the Newark airport to his apartment in Lower Manhattan. The taxi arrived at about 12.30 AM and Mr. Quint watched as it drove away with his most important piece of luggage still inside- the 1723 “ex-Kiesewetter” Stradivarius violin, on loan to him from the […]

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