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Thanks, and a Statement from the Owner

Many of you have sent me personal messages, email, cards, flowers, and so many other good wishes. I want to express my gratitude for that; the avalanche of goodwill has been really heartening during a difficult time. The owner of the Lipinski violin has requested I post the following statement here. It is below, unedited in […]

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Link dump and self-promotion update.

Just a quick post to highlight a few interesting news items and a Kickstarter update. First off, who would imagine that an erotic novel and the Tallis Scholars would have anything in common? (more…)

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Blinding Science update.

  Last week’s article got quite a few clicks, and yesterday I received a comment from Claudia Fritz, who supervised the much-discussed research. I detected a slightly elevated fur level, so it seems like a thoughtful reply is in order. (more…)

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A special road trip.

This week I head off on a trip I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. Most readers know I play on a stupendous violin that sort of dropped out of the sky awhile back. In a few days it’ll be in its old neighborhood to play some concerts in honor of it’s namesake. (more…)

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This is one of those weeks that reminds me how great it is when (occasionally) all kinds of stuff comes together perfectly. Today is a rehearsal and concert with Yo Yo Ma, who’s always incredible to work with. That’s just the beginning of an interesting week… (more…)

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