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Link dump and self-promotion update.

Just a quick post to highlight a few interesting news items and a Kickstarter update. First off, who would imagine that an erotic novel and the Tallis Scholars would have anything in common? (more…)

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Blinding Science update.

  Last week’s article¬†got quite a few clicks, and yesterday I received a comment from Claudia Fritz, who supervised the much-discussed research. I detected a slightly elevated fur level, so it seems like a thoughtful reply is in order. (more…)

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A special road trip.

This week I head off on a trip I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. Most readers know I play on a stupendous violin that sort of dropped out of the sky awhile back. In a few days it’ll be in its old neighborhood to play some concerts in honor of it’s namesake. (more…)

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Dude, where’s my violin(s)? Exclusive Machold Edition

There are many people who feel that for 20 years or so Dietmar Machold personified everything totally wrong with the business of buying and selling fine string instruments. Developments in the last week might hearten those who have been waiting for some public validation of their concerns. (more…)

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Sleepy Violinist Update

Another reminder to choose wisely when looking for a nap location. Hopefully this guy will track down his violins before too long… Of course we’ve examined this before. Still, it’s always a shock to read about another incident.

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More Crazy Instrument Stuff

Since this Strad thing happened (see earlier post) it seems like every week or so there are a few more zany instrument stories. Like this guy. I guess the idea of anonymity didn’t really make sense to him. (more…)

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