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An Absolutely Wonderful Story

Now here’s a fresh look at diversity on classical radio: In an article Dec. 8th by Cathy Majtenyi of Kenya, Voice of America reports that classical music is booming in Kenya. The recent launch of a classical music magazine and a growing number of concerts and programs on radio stations are a sign of the […]

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Behind the Scenes: Fundraising at a Classical Station

This is not going to be a compendium of fundraising ideas for classical stations, so if you’re looking for the foolproof idea that will make your fundraising SING during a recession, sorry.  I wanted to give non-radio types a look at what goes on behind the scenes. It’s almost impossible for public classical stations to […]

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Diversity in Philadelphia

Educator, researcher, and violist Dr. Richard Greene responded to my post on diversity (Diversity is Everywhere, Except Classical Music) by sending me an article he published last year in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  With his permission, I quote some passages from it. (more…)

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Update on KHFM

My email is humming with messages from Albuquerque about KHFM.  I listened online for a couple of hours today, and though two hours in a week are not necessarily representative of a 24/7 station, I did hear some things worth commenting on. (more…)

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