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Classical Radio Blogs and Tweets

See that link for Recommended Sites? It’s up at the top of the page, a bit to the left … find it? Or just use this link. Check out that page. We’ve expanded our list of blogs from classical radio stations, updated some broken links, and added a list of classical radio people and stations that are […]

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Music Writing and Classical Radio

The death of classical music is not only an old topic, but broad as well. Looking at a few recent posts on classical music blogs, the discussion appears to be focusing more on specific aspects of classical music’s supposed morbidity. Anne Midgette (blogging at the Washington Post’s Classical Beat) wonders whether the classical CD business […]

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Ten ways to increase traffic to your classical music blog

Thanks to Mona Seghatoleslami at WV Public Broadcasting for this guest post. At WV Public Broadcasting, I’m responsible for the blog Classically Speaking. We started the blog in April 2008, and we’ve gradually been increasing our traffic. In March, we had 1006 page views and 789 unique views, according to Google Analytics. These numbers aren’t […]

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