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“The Tweaker”

I had a friend years ago that hired a decorator to come in and arrange his living room furniture. Mind you, nothing new was purchased, the consultant just re-arranged the room with the same pieces of furniture and accessories. Surprisingly, it actually looked really good. I was astounded, as was he. All this familiar stuff […]

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Classical Music Radio Icon Passes

Arthur would have scoffed at that title. Icon. He wasn’t much for titles, mantles, or even accolades. Too “effete”. He hated pomp or ceremony. Loathed pretension. Back in the late 90’s, the title “Chief Announcer” was suggested to Arthur at Minnesota Public Radio, and he smiled deliciously. That smile spoke a thousand words and you […]

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Classical Birth Knell in Houston

Looks like Houston will get a full-time Classical station fairly soon, not though without some consternation and birth pains. According to a University of Houston news release, the Board of Regents voted to buy Rice University’s  student-run radio station, 50,000 watt KTRU for $9.5-million,  If approved by the Feds it would end the station’s student-driven […]

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