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Diversity in Philadelphia

Educator, researcher, and violist Dr. Richard Greene responded to my post on diversity (Diversity is Everywhere, Except Classical Music) by sending me an article he published last year in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  With his permission, I quote some passages from it. (more…)

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Classical Music: The Trickle-Down Effect?

You may have seen the article by Leon Botstein October 3rd in the Wall Street Journal Online: The Unsung Success of Classical Music. Botstein writes: The heralding of the demise of classical music is based on flimsy evidence. The number of concert venues, summer festivals, performing ensembles and overall performances in classical music and opera […]

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Diversity Reprised

Earlier this week, our fearless blogmaster, Drew McManus headlined the main blog site Inside the Arts with my comments about Diversity.  Maybe the topic doesn’t have legs.  Or maybe we all have more important things on our minds right now, but I see classical radio being passed by.  I’d like you to add this topic […]

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