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Just Say No To Pledge

A classical music station’s highest ratings are rarely outside of format, that is to say, a DJ with a stack of records. Those hours hosted by a smart, accessible announcer presenting an equally smart playlist, all imbued with a potent sense of place (localism) engender the highest long-term loyalty. Of course there are exceptions but it doesn’t get better […]

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Tough Being a Stand Alone Classical Station (Anywhere).

Stations are still not out of the woods. Not In Chicago or in any city for that matter. Revenue realities are coming into focus, but what about expense realities? We’re in fiscal-year-end mop up mode with a mini-June drive here in Portland, closing a revenue gap. It will indeed be interesting to watch as KING […]

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Acts of God

Given overall economic hardships, dwindling government funding for the arts, a distracted and over-stimulated audience, community malaise, dizzying media environment, must we in the arts also factor in “acts of god” when considering our long-term planning? (more…)

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