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World’s Biggest Online Classical Destination?

Radio Today  reports that Classic FM in the UK has launched a new website with the claim that it will become the “world’s biggest online classical music destination.” I went to the site here, and got a screen saying they only have rights to air in the UK. This is not the first time I’ve heard […]

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“Public Radio Makes Us Better Listeners”

A favorite local author, Nicole Brodeur with the Seattle Times has penned a paean to public radio for Public Radio Month, and just in time for various pledge drives. We know what we’ve got up and down the dial here — jazz, bluegrass, classical, blues — and we support it, because public radio makes us better listeners. It’s […]

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Public Radio Music Month Offerings

April is Public Radio Music Month, and a number of stations are doing special live events to celebrate.  I’ve seen only two listed by classical stations so far, so if you’re doing events be sure to let us know. — April 8: WGUC, Cincinnati Public Radio, Cincinnati, OH – Broadcast of pianist Jonathan Biss with the Cincinnati […]

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The Next Generation

A number of stations have been touting their outreach to the younger generation lately.  Their efforts are a response to declining audience numbers overall for classical music. We all know the statistics: classical stations appeal mostly to the over-55 crowd, and the dearth of music education in the schools is not replenishing the pool of available […]

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