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More on KDB

Having gotten my first attempt at this completely wrong, here’s more up-to-date and accurate info about the disposition of KDB in Santa Barbara.  From Ben Mook at Current: Under a deal announced Tuesday, KCRW will buy 93.7 KDB-FM, a commercial classical station for 88 years, but will not broadcast on the frequency. Instead, all-classical KUSC will […]

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Classical Losses, West and East – UPDATE

Update to my reporting on KDB.  From Tom Thomas of SRG (I’ve repeated this from the comments): This report about Santa Barbara muddles an admittedly confusing story. There will continue to be full-time classical music on KDB. Classical KUSC is taking over the programming on KDB’s current frequency, 93.7. KCRW will take over the programming on […]

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Classical Station For Sale

Want to live in Santa Barbara?  The Santa Barbara Independent reports that legacy station KDB is for sale. The 87-year-old classical music station is owned by the Santa Barbara Foundation, but the philanthropic organization recently decided to relinquish control after KDB ran more than $400,000 in deficits over the last three years with even more loss expected […]

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Ratings Anomaly in L.A.

At the risk of sounding like a Republican who doesn’t want to believe the polls, there’s a weird thing happening in Los Angeles with KUSC’s ratings. From the LA Times: Arbitron says KUSC has lost more than half its core audience over the last 20 months. Ratings declined moderately during 2010 and the first half of […]

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