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“Public Radio Makes Us Better Listeners”

A favorite local author, Nicole Brodeur with the Seattle Times has penned a paean to public radio for Public Radio Month, and just in time for various pledge drives. We know what we’ve got up and down the dial here — jazz, bluegrass, classical, blues — and we support it, because public radio makes us better listeners. It’s […]

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Spring Fundraising – Guilt, Dread, oh yeah, and Gratitude

It’s that time for many stations.  Spring fundraising time.  There’s a tongue-in-cheek, somewhat uncomfortable op-ed on from the Houston Chronicle.  History Professor and KUHF listener Robert Zaretsky writes about his dread of fundraising and guilt for not donating regularly. I confess a sense of guilt plays a role in my reaction. Though I regularly […]

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Classical Birth Knell in Houston

Looks like Houston will get a full-time Classical station fairly soon, not though without some consternation and birth pains. According to a University of Houston news release, the Board of Regents voted to buy Rice University’s  student-run radio station, 50,000 watt KTRU for $9.5-million,  If approved by the Feds it would end the station’s student-driven […]

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Need Your Advice

The absent blogger!  Sorry.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I’m in the process of launching a new show and I need the advice of you radio professionals.  This is not shameless promotion.  I really want to know what sort of things you’d like, what will convince you to air the series, how you want the shows delivered, and all those little […]

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