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$10 Million to NY Public Radio

From the New York Times: Not all Mondays are bad.  For New York Public Radio’s stations WNYC, WQXR, and NJ Public Radio, this Monday is one to celebrate.  Most of a $10 million grant from the Greene Foundation … is earmarked to support the development of digital operations, including a new feature called “Discover” on […]

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Graham Parker – New VP of WQXR

People can have different relationships with WQXR besides broadcast.  Radio isn’t just FM anymore.  Great content will find people wherever they are – we need to open up the definition of what radio is. Graham Parker, the new VP of Classical WQXR.  Parker is enthusiastic about the variety of platforms and programming coming out of WQXR, both on the […]

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WQXR – Smart Thinking

Kudos to CEO Laura Walker and the WQXR/WNYC staff for having the vision to hire yet another creative thinker.  Graham Parker has been the Executive Director of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, where he has been doing brilliant work.  He will fill the newly-created post of Vice President of Classical 105.9 WQXR.  Parker has a deep set of skills […]

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More from AMPPR

I asked some of the attendees at the AMPPR conference in NYC to write reports for this blog.  Here is the first of two installments: From John Pitman, Music Director at All Classical in Portland OR: While visiting the facilities of WQXR/WNYC, I felt like I was walking the halls of some vast intergalactic public radio space […]

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