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The Mozart Effect on Marijuana

Classical radio is great for calming toddlers, helping college students ace tests, and…growing dope?

Police in Gisborne, New Zealand discovered 287 thriving cannabis plants in the home of a fellow named Verdun Stargus Kemp. From a report by Tracey Chatterton in The Dominion Post:

A radio was set up to play classical music to the plants, Detective Sergeant Wayne Beattie said. Kemp told him the plants responded better to classical music….Beattie told Fairfax Media it was a ‘well-orchestrated growing operation.’

So naturally, now we’d like to hear from Colorado Public Radio: How are your ratings in this first month of legalized pot? KING FM in Seattle, feel free to chime in too!

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  1. So many jokes. So little time.

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