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Functional Dysfunctionality….

Saying you have a dysfunctional family is about the most overused cliche there is (code for we don’t get along), however there is some truth to it when examining a vital part of our constituency and we have the power to change it……

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The Fiscal CLEF!

I was fully prepared to leave the Minnesota Orchestra posts to my partner in Blog Bill, and Drew at Adaptistration, but something I read really ticked me off!…..this is about attitude….

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The Elephant in the Hall! – Prepared to be Deducted!

The disarray that is the orchestra world may pale into comparison to what potentially may happen to nearly all arts organizations if we don’t prepare for what the evidence suggests is coming.  The arts could be gutted as a result of this election, and it’s bigger than eliminating the NEA, much bigger…. 

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