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Functional Dysfunctionality….

Saying you have a dysfunctional family is about the most overused cliche there is (code for we don’t get along), however there is some truth to it when examining a vital part of our constituency and we have the power to change it…… (more…)

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The Fiscal CLEF!

I was fully prepared to leave the Minnesota Orchestra posts to my partner in Blog Bill, and Drew at Adaptistration, but something I read really ticked me off!…..this is about attitude…. (more…)

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Moneyball meets the Mellonball!

So a hot blow in Miami meets a cold blast in Denver as two completely different orchestras try out two models for attracting audiences.  There are huge differences between the future plans for the New World Symphony and the Colorado Symphony, not the least of which is the fact that in Miami they are using […]

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A Little Help Here!…Part 2

We’ve all heard of no pain…no gain! We all espouse and/or have been told that we need to exercise fiscal responsibility, but what about fiscal accountability? Why is it that in a good year orchestras tout their fiscal responsibility, when in fact sometimes it’s only a good year because some of next year’s advance ticket […]

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We are for Profit…aren’t we?…..

I am up here in Lake Placid  for 6 weeks of concerts in the glorious Adirondacks with the Lake Placid Sinfonietta.  Something is really bothering me, even though I am here in paradise.  The words not-for-profit have such a negative connotation.  I know it’s a widely used categorical description but it’s not accurate in the […]

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Message Control and the Clouds in the Silver Lining….

Three different groups announced financial news that will have a big impact on their respective organizations, but with each announcement the negative is the focus with little or no regard for the impact the actual announcement might have on their constituents confidence going forward.  It’s We’re a 4 Alarm Dumpster fire, run for your lives!…meets…sheesh […]

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Lie to Me!…..

We all have our favorite TV or Radio shows that we watch or listen to regularly, whether they be a guilty pleasure, relaxation, passing time in the car etc…One of the best shows of the TV season was the Fox show “Lie to Me” and in the very intense season finale Dr. Cal Lightman played […]

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