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Things that move….

I’m in the midst of the busiest schedule of my life in Lake Placid and in Syracuse, with 3 (this week 5) concerts a week till mid August, but that doesn’t mean there is no time to be moved….just not much time to write about it!  Yesterday something struck me and a friend shared with […]

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Hope for the Next Decade: A Call to Arts!

Community Outreach was the catchall category of the last decade in the Orchestra world, and has become so non defined that we take for granted that it’s happening at every orchestra.  It most certainly isn’t just because the words are used.   It is time to define it for real, give it real teeth and […]

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Paying for Arts in the Land of the Free…

I was sad to read that the Milwaukee Symphony are canceling 4 out of their 5 free concerts.  It’s probable that many more orchestras might be forced to cancel free concerts as budget choices are made.  In Springfield we usually do 2 free concerts each summer.  They are not for certain since they’re connected with […]

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Dear President Obama…..

Congratulations….to us!  So many have tried to define you, to put you in a box so that they may find it easy to corner you, and yet you surprise all of us at every turn…. (more…)

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