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Gentlemen/Ladies…Stop Your Engines…The INDY minus 500!

The true deficit in an organization in trouble is the one in leadership.  That is what ultimately turns a crack in the veneer into a fault line in the foundation.  This is what is happening in Indianapolis, and it’s the first thing that needs to be addressed.  Unfortunately the lack of leadership is working in […]

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How to turn up the quiet…by Alecia Lawyer

With several incidents of conductors stopping performances for children (this article from Dayton) and cell phones (seemingly the only way to make the news these days), it begs the question especially in the case of children: is there something short of ostracizing them (and their parents) that can be done to allow quiet in a […]

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Moneyball meets the Mellonball!

So a hot blow in Miami meets a cold blast in Denver as two completely different orchestras try out two models for attracting audiences.  There are huge differences between the future plans for the New World Symphony and the Colorado Symphony, not the least of which is the fact that in Miami they are using […]

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The CON in Conscience…..

I have written that the true deficit that leads to an orchestra’s downfall, is the deficit in leadership.  There is something else that also is a huge contributing factor that can also lead to major systemic problems, and potentially can lead to the deficit in leadership:  The erosion of a collective conscience.  It takes on […]

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