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Swimming Upstream with Sandow….

Firstly Greg Sandow is one of the first bloggers I started to read regularly, and I still do.  I have met him, I admire him and respect him greatly.  I think his recent post though about relevance doesn’t take an important thing into account, which is that a determination of what is relevant is not really our […]

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A Little Help Here!…Part 2

We’ve all heard of no pain…no gain! We all espouse and/or have been told that we need to exercise fiscal responsibility, but what about fiscal accountability? Why is it that in a good year orchestras tout their fiscal responsibility, when in fact sometimes it’s only a good year because some of next year’s advance ticket […]

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Converting the Converted part 1….

I am enjoying a back and forth with Geraldine regarding the role of the new Music Director from my November 11 New Conductor Smell post.  I did not enjoy reading however of what is breaking with the Syracuse Symphony with whom I am working this week.  I have many friends in the group, they are […]

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We are for Profit…aren’t we?…..

I am up here in Lake Placid  for 6 weeks of concerts in the glorious Adirondacks with the Lake Placid Sinfonietta.  Something is really bothering me, even though I am here in paradise.  The words not-for-profit have such a negative connotation.  I know it’s a widely used categorical description but it’s not accurate in the […]

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It needs to be about CONTEXT not URTEXT!!!!

At Cliburn last year I kept hearing “it has to be about the music”.  I’m sorry MUSIC IS NOT ABOUT MUSIC, it’s about everything else!  We spend so much time focusing on trying to get people to fall in love with music and with what we do.  This will only happen when we do the […]

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