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We Have Met The Enemy….

By now many readers will have read this excellent post by Bernard Holland, distinguished music critic and writer for the New York Times (assuming that the NYT, in their infinite wisdom, will not try to charge you for access).  Mr. Holland, in his opus from ’03, has succinctly put forth a very elegant and reasoned […]

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And Now for Something Completely Different….

So two weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of Monty Python’s Flying Circus first broadcast hence the title, but I have also been thinking  about the way orchestras typically go about searching for a Music Director and if this process needs to be done in a very different and more forward thinking way.  I believe […]

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Is it time for the Revolution?

Newsflash – Endowments are down the toilet; Arts orgs. are laying off people at record pace; donations are down; the NYCity Opera got sold a bag of rotten turnips; ponzi scheems are playing havoc with donors; orchestras/dnace companies/opera companies/etc. are folding ……… Folks, is it time for the next Revolution? (more…)

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Dear President Obama…..

Congratulations….to us!  So many have tried to define you, to put you in a box so that they may find it easy to corner you, and yet you surprise all of us at every turn…. (more…)

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