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Binds that Untie and maybe Unite – Detroit is onto something!

My favorite ever library typo was when Purcell’s Gordion Knot Untied was listed as Gordion Knot UNITED.  How easy is it to make that mistake?  Seriously though it might be that easy to conceptualize that by agreeing to something that is binding might indeed unbind an acrimonious situation.  What the DSO musicians are proposing proves […]

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A Tale Of Two Cities Redux

“Snowmageddon.”  “Snownami.” Metrodome collapsing.  For a Buffalo boy this is all rather unimpressive.  But lost in all this was some interesting news out of St. Paul.  Was it good news? Ya, you betcha! (more…)

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All I want for Christmas is The Beatles – complete.  Since I have been waiting all these years for that to pop up on iTunes I get the feeling that if I’m really, really nice between now and 25 December the Fat Man might squeeze down my new chimney and provide me with the goods. […]

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“You May Ask Yourself – How Did We Get Here?”

I meant to write a blog about the need for like-minded progressive people associated with the classical music industry to get together online and start a forum dedicated to revolutionizing our business, but then reality set in.  I also got into a great conversation with a colleague of mine at a party recently.  So, once […]

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The Whole World Is Watching…

Chicago Transit Authority. Anyone remember that album?  One of the greatest debut albums of all time, right up to the track Somebody (August 29, 1968). Then it veers from a great album into tremendous social commentary with the chant  “The Whole World Is Watching.” That was over 40 years ago, and perhaps we should remember that […]

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