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We Have Met The Enemy….

By now many readers will have read this excellent post by Bernard Holland, distinguished music critic and writer for the New York Times (assuming that the NYT, in their infinite wisdom, will not try to charge you for access).  Mr. Holland, in his opus from ’03, has succinctly put forth a very elegant and reasoned […]

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Quick Takes: Gesturing….

My teacher Jorge Mester the first time I met him asked me this simple question “What is conducting?”  I was stumped and after several feeble attempts to describe what conducting is (which is what I wanted to do with my life!) he helped me work it out. That lesson was the most profound he ever […]

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It’s Worse Than We Thought….

I have noticed lately, with some horror, what now passes for “Arts journalism.”   Arts journalism, especially Classical Music journalism, seems to have taken a dive.  The expression “dumbing down” comes to mind.  Or perhaps that’s just self-preservation on their part. (more…)

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Bravo, you’re making it up as you go along, let us accredit you!

Having read the recent postings by Drew, and Joe regarding the booming music/arts school enrollments, I decided to do some digging.  There is a body that is at least partially responsible for this, an association that accredits schools to be completely autonomous i.e accreditation for proving that you are doing whatever you want to do……the […]

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Goldilocks Come Forth…….

Gee, I kinda feel like Goldilocks wandering into the home of the Three Bears during Christmas. Looking out over the music world I thought I would take the leisurely approach and blog about… well, something. My buddy Ron has been furiously posting when I thought for sure he would be exhausted from trying to defend […]

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