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Cliburn Redux!

Appearing on PBS this month is the documentary from the 13th Piano competition A Surprise in Texas.  I was the assistant conductor for the finals and took my Zoom H2 mike and recorded some fascinating behind the scenes audio with some of the major players including an in depth interview with conductor James Conlon and […]

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Dancing Maestros on the Jumbotron……

In a “review” by Lawrence Johnson, he ranted about the use of the Jumbotrons at the Ravinia festival.  OK I can see that there might be some who want the “traditional” experience, but the setting is far from traditional in the concert going sense, accessibility is something that needs to be taken into consideration and […]

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The New Golden Age – Defending the Jury pt. 2

With so much attention being paid to Tsujii (including from me) I wanted to be sure to not overlook the other gold medalist Haochen Zhang, his extraordinary ability and unbelievable upside potential. If not breaking barriers like Tsujii he certainly dispelled a myth and if some feel that the jury took a chance with him, […]

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Cliburn: Striking Human Gold! – Defending the Jury part 1

There are so many things people are hoping for in the winner of the Cliburn. Every 4 years this veritable Piano Olympiad usually picks a winner who possesses pure virtuosity, stage presence and superb musicianship. Expectations are high for the Pianists and the pressure is intense to say the least.  This year was different and […]

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