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Mirror Mirror

A funny thing happened on the way through SocialMediaLand.  I ran smack dab into the difference between what professional musicians perceive and what “normal” people perceive.  If this doesn’t prove a disconnect then I don’t know what does. (more…)

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Bernstein – An Appreciation

The most overused word in the orchestra business is “masterpiece.”  We throw it around so often that it has long since lost all meaning, and now most often serves as a code for “we promise you won’t be offended by this piece.”  That having been said … (more…)

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O Little Town of Bloomington…

I need to get out of the house more.  That may sound funny coming from a guy who travels for a living, but when I’m home I turn into a real home-body.  Which is how I found myself grinning outrageously at some Sondheim. (more…)

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Grammys? Who cares!!!!

It’s that time of year again.  The Grammy Awards are all the talk of the business, and once again there is the yearly bellyaching about how the Classical Grammy awards aren’t shown on TV.  Well……. who cares? (more…)

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It’s Worse Than We Thought….

I have noticed lately, with some horror, what now passes for “Arts journalism.”   Arts journalism, especially Classical Music journalism, seems to have taken a dive.  The expression “dumbing down” comes to mind.  Or perhaps that’s just self-preservation on their part. (more…)

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The New Golden Age – Defending the Jury pt. 2

With so much attention being paid to Tsujii (including from me) I wanted to be sure to not overlook the other gold medalist Haochen Zhang, his extraordinary ability and unbelievable upside potential. If not breaking barriers like Tsujii he certainly dispelled a myth and if some feel that the jury took a chance with him, […]

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