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It’s proven, we’re smarter and cooler!

Also proven, these studies might make people hate us…. I have 2 pet peeves in our business that are related, the first I will give some detail to explaining, the second is pretty much self explanatory.  Pet Peeve #1: Why on earth do people when studies are released on the benefits of playing an instrument […]

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Functional Dysfunctionality….

Saying you have a dysfunctional family is about the most overused cliche there is (code for we don’t get along), however there is some truth to it when examining a vital part of our constituency and we have the power to change it…… (more…)

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Moneyball meets the Mellonball!

So a hot blow in Miami meets a cold blast in Denver as two completely different orchestras try out two models for attracting audiences.  There are huge differences between the future plans for the New World Symphony and the Colorado Symphony, not the least of which is the fact that in Miami they are using […]

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Classical Music is….Undead?

One of my pet peeves is the insane and fruitless pursuit of new audiences with marketing techniques that are so insincere and gimmicky, that we end up losing audiences! From Guitar Hero contests to DJ’s at an Opera house to $50,000 being spent on a cupcake program, it seems we try to do anything we […]

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Converting the Converted part 1….

I am enjoying a back and forth with Geraldine regarding the role of the new Music Director from my November 11 New Conductor Smell post.  I did not enjoy reading however of what is breaking with the Syracuse Symphony with whom I am working this week.  I have many friends in the group, they are […]

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