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O Little Town of Bloomington…

I need to get out of the house more.  That may sound funny coming from a guy who travels for a living, but when I’m home I turn into a real home-body.  Which is how I found myself grinning outrageously at some Sondheim. (more…)

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Concert Snapshots: Dr. Piano Man’s Circus

Wow, last week was a busy week.  Between the massive practicing I’m doing (recording projects in the future) and doing the parental thing I managed to catch three concerts, two of which I was directly involved with.  They have caused me to muse out loud…… (more…)

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The show that got me hooked on cable TV was called “Connections.”  This madman historian, James Burke, produced this fabulous show on science and history that was absolutely riveting.  His premise was that history does not proceed in a straight line.  So he would talk about one invention and then somehow connect it to something […]

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