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The Fiscal CLEF!

I was fully prepared to leave the Minnesota Orchestra posts to my partner in Blog Bill, and Drew at Adaptistration, but something I read really ticked me off!…..this is about attitude…. (more…)

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Gentlemen/Ladies…Stop Your Engines…The INDY minus 500!

The true deficit in an organization in trouble is the one in leadership.  That is what ultimately turns a crack in the veneer into a fault line in the foundation.  This is what is happening in Indianapolis, and it’s the first thing that needs to be addressed.  Unfortunately the lack of leadership is working in […]

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The search for the perfect (Cease) Business Model!

It seems that there is a lot of energy being put into finding ways to either shut an orchestra down or seriously compromise it’s existence.  I don’t remember receiving an invitation to the “20,000 (Orchestra) Leagues Under the Sea” conference.  The plans range from bankruptcy (Syracuse), canceling a season (Delaware), to trying to hire “new” […]

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Kumbaya, Richmond, Kumbaya

It is puzzling – the tendency of an organization to shoot itself in the foot.  After so many obvious examples of what not to do there is, more often than not, that institutional moment which causes one to quote that great American Philosopher Homer Simpson – “D’OH!!!”  These days Homer is speaking in a mid-Atlantic […]

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Here we go chasing our tails from Detroit to Duluth…..

There is always a hyperventilating that takes place when the so called “model” is challenged and why is it that Orchestras live in the extreme?  When there are problems everything an orchestra does has to change, and when there are not, let’s spend spend spend,  and ignore any impending problems.  I cannot over emphasize enough […]

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Peoria Symphony – Where the walls come tumbling up!

I’ll never forget watching a NBA post game news conference when the winning coach was asked what made him think to put the ball in the hands of a rookie who then scored seemingly at will to win the game.  His response and I paraphrase: I didn’t, the guy thought we were in trouble and […]

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