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Here we go chasing our tails from Detroit to Duluth…..

There is always a hyperventilating that takes place when the so called “model” is challenged and why is it that Orchestras live in the extreme?  When there are problems everything an orchestra does has to change, and when there are not, let’s spend spend spend,  and ignore any impending problems.  I cannot over emphasize enough […]

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Hope for the Next Decade: A Call to Arts!

Community Outreach was the catchall category of the last decade in the Orchestra world, and has become so non defined that we take for granted that it’s happening at every orchestra.  It most certainly isn’t just because the words are used.   It is time to define it for real, give it real teeth and […]

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Dancing Maestros on the Jumbotron……

In a “review” by Lawrence Johnson, he ranted about the use of the Jumbotrons at the Ravinia festival.  OK I can see that there might be some who want the “traditional” experience, but the setting is far from traditional in the concert going sense, accessibility is something that needs to be taken into consideration and […]

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