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Strike Two!

I’m in France. Again.  Conducting Porgy.  Again! It’s Tuesday, and we’re supposed to have our dress rehearsal today.  But we’re not doing that.  Why? (more…)

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Out On The Fringe

Once in a lifetime everyone should have the opportunity to do something that very, very few other people can claim to have done.  It’s my turn. (more…)

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Is CPR Necessary For A Revival?

When last we saw our intrepid Porgy folk we were sneaking up on the Gale, the general dress rehearsal.  Or, truth be told, perhaps the Gale was sneaking up on us.  This is where the old expression “canary in a coal mine” starts to seem prophetic. (more…)

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Porgy Does Lyon….

Pre-Gale.  Sitzprobe.  Piano Filage.  If I didn’t know any better I’d suspect that we were putting together a very expensive porno flick. (more…)

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The Aix Man Cometh…….

Normally when I’m is hired to do concerts with, say, the Lower Podunk Symphony Orchestra, I start looking on Expedia for cheap tickets to Lower Podunk.  After all, one expects to rehearse said orchestra where said orchestra resides.  Which begs the question – why, then, if I’m doing an opera with the Opera Lyon company […]

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