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It’s proven, we’re smarter and cooler!

Also proven, these studies might make people hate us…. I have 2 pet peeves in our business that are related, the first I will give some detail to explaining, the second is pretty much self explanatory.  Pet Peeve #1: Why on earth do people when studies are released on the benefits of playing an instrument […]

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Why Bother…

It’s the 12th of August. There has been no news out of the Minnesota Orchestra debacle for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure that both sides are hard at work under the watchful eye of George Mitchell with a last ditch effort to patch things back together. But at this point why bother? (more…)

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Bill’s Rules for the Industry

Wow.  We seem to have hit a low point when it comes to either ethics or morals (or both) in the classical music industry, and that’s really saying something.  How about we start out 2013 with a short list of dos and don’ts for Boards, Adminstrations, and Musicians.  Submissions welcome. (more…)

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No One Expects the 12-Tone Inquisition!

The worse thing that can happen to any art form is Orthodoxy, that awful suggestion that there is only one true way.  Orthodoxy is quite possibly the major reason why there are so many problems in classical music today. Orthodoxy impedes free thinking, feeds the idea of believer vs. heathen, and attempts to suppress dissent.  […]

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I did an interview with a reporter from Minnesota Public Radio yesterday exploring the difficulties being faced by the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.  After a thorough dissection of the mistakes that led up to this current mess with both orchestras, and much of the classical music industry thereto, I have come […]

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Amateur Hour

Every once and a while I find the need to write a blog that will garner me a whole bunch of hate mail.  I can’t wait for the inbox once this one is published.  Those choir people are going to be up in arms. (more…)

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