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The Three Am”egos”…..

The common wisdom is to always look forward, live in the present, never in the past, whats done is done and so on.  However at the Springfield Symphony’s season opening concert last Saturday, we brought the past to life in celebration of the our 75th anniversary season.  We didn’t bring out archives to display in […]

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Smack Down – Mahler 5 – It’s personal!….

It’s been a while since we did one of these, but since mentioning that I was conducting a performance of Mahler’s 5th, Bill suggested we don the gloves for yet another round. Now this time it’s personal! Mahler 5 is like family to me, it even stopped my rebellious teenagehood in its tracks…well for a […]

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Audience Poll – Gorilla Style!

My Audience Connection class attended the Springfield Symphony concert on Oct 18, a Big Band themed Pops concert. They were not there to review the concert, but to review the audience! The audience response was tremendous, as was the review in the paper. The students however did an internal eavesdrop poll with interesting results. Our […]

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Cultural Trust – Redistributing Wealth Missouri Style!

So when we at the Springfield Symphony (Missouri’s 3rd largest Orchestra) read the news last week regarding the ruling against the Kansas City Symphony’s lawsuit to restore funds into the cultural trust that were not put in during a certain period as the legislature felt the money at that time was needed elsewhere, our reaction […]

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Shhhhpeak up!

I am always fascinated by the dynamics of an audience and perceptions when certain behaviors are noticed. It’s all to easy to jump to a negative assumption as to why someone would get up and walk out, or talk, or be disruptive. (more…)

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