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It was near the end of the first set, one of three scheduled for that night, when it happened.  The band launched into their next chart and we heard the unmistakable strains of Stravinsky’s Firebird,  several audience members around me shouted “YES!!!,” and my wife broke into a broad grin.  I looked on stage at […]

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Stravinsky on a Stick…

It’s that time of year again, when the average Minnesotan starts salivating profusely and planning their foray into the great culinary unknown.  Yes, folks, it’s just around the corner, only three months away.  The great Minnesota get-together known as …….. The Minnesota State Fair!!!!  WHEEE!!!!!  Heart surgeons within 500 miles are on high alert… (more…)

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Time for a Laugh…

Look around the world of the Arts these days and it’s a pretty depressing mess. I could hop on that bandwagon (as usual) or perhaps take a hard left turn and provide some much needed amusement for a Tuesday morning. Survey says……. (more…)

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Reflections – Life beyond Music

I’m starting a post today that is somewhat personal yet I think reflects an issue faced by many of my colleagues who make their living in orchestras.  We all know that classical music faces some fundamental problems in the world today, and we are all very good at pointing the finger at various aspects of […]

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It’s Worse Than We Thought….

I have noticed lately, with some horror, what now passes for “Arts journalism.”   Arts journalism, especially Classical Music journalism, seems to have taken a dive.  The expression “dumbing down” comes to mind.  Or perhaps that’s just self-preservation on their part. (more…)

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“Of Course, You Know, This means GWAR!”

Facebook is a very dangerous place.  You can find yourself deep in all sorts of either totally ludicrous exchanges or heavy philosophical discussions.  Sometimes those “friends” of yours can pose a real challenge as did one of mine recently.  Here’s my response: (more…)

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