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  • A Lot Of People Got A Seat At The Table
    Yesterday I got to do something I have been dreaming of doing for a long time. Now keep in mind, as an arts and cultural policy nut, my dreams tend to be a little different than everyone else’s. Yesterday I participated in On The Table Macon, a...
  • What Would You Do If A Funder Encouraged You To Push Them To Do Better?
    I was skimming some entries on the Americans for the Arts blog when a couple sentences made my eyes visually screech to a halt and shift into reverse because I wasn’t sure if I read what I thought I did. Lawrence Brad Anderson, Executive Direct...

Neo Classical

  • Stay On The Couch
    There are many reasons people don’t go to the symphony. Some have gone in the past and don’t come back, and some don’t come in the first place. Anyone in the industry knows there are amazing musical experiences to enjoy and be a part of. So why...
  • Just Stop It With The “No, Because!”
    If you are in the arts business, especially orchestra business, chances are you have come across a moment or a meeting where you hear the words: “no, because.” There may have been a great idea, a creative way to do something, but the knee-jerk re...

Who's Your Audience?

  • Midterm Limericks (November 6th!)
    So often when I turn on my phone, To see what the news has shown. I shake my head, I don’t like what I’ve seen and read, I reach for my nearest Côte du Rhone. But really the news makes think, About all the things that can happen in a bli...
  • Progress Isn’t Linear
    Happy Labor Day, friends! I know, I know…many of us wonder if it really is a Happy Labor Day. Take for instance Janus v. AFSCME, the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed a public employee to forgo paying his union dues. Even though his wa...



  • Double Bass Day and Competition – Melbourne
    The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music presents it’s second Double Bass Day and Competition, bringing together performers, teachers, students, luthiers and exhibitors from all over Australia. Hosted in the acclaimed Melba Hall, the day will feature ...
  • Kolstein Music Celebrates 70 Years of Business
    As I was planning my trip to New York to do podcast interviews, I knew that I wanted to take a trip to visit Barrie Kolstein’s shop in Baldwin, New York on Long Island. This would be a great thing to do at any point, but the timeline was so cool, b...

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  • Hiatus
    I love writing for nondivisi and have cherished the opportunity to do so, however sporadic the content and quality have been. But with a heavy heart I must inform you that nondivisi is now on indefinite hiatus, due to a serious illness within my imme...
  • Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.
    Many people know I’m extremely fortunate to play on an incredible violin that’s gained even more notoriety over the past couple of years. One of the numerous challenges after it was stolen was to try and pick up where I left off artistic...


    Well, it’s happened. You’ve squandered another perfectly good practice session by reading this blog. The good news is that it’s the last time you’re going to be able to blame me for missing that F sharp 9 diminished arpeggio,...
    The height of your success is determined by the depth of your foundation.. To wrap up what has been a fantastic opportunity to explore ideas, to have heated and deep discussions and some real fun, I first have to thank Drew McManus (Adaptistration) f...

Lynn Harrell

  • Cello Perspectives With WFMT
    I had the pleasure of participating in WFMT’s cello month, which is planning to broadcast Songs My Father Taught Me on January 31st at 10:00 PM Central Time.  Noel Morris published a lovely piece about everything at the WFMT blog, which incl...
  • Thank you, Henri.
    Henri Dutilleux has died. His work as a musician and composer is, and like Stravinsky, will remain a pinnacle of accomplishment from our time; and given how long his creativity lasted, it is fair to say his achievements span multiple generations. I h...

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