When To Clap At The Symphony A Guideline 2017

When To Clap At The Symphony: A Guideline

One of the most popular debates about orchestra concerts is when to clap. There are two types of clapping experts; one that assures you that clapping between movements is ok and that there are really no rules and the expert that says only to clap when the piece is completely finished. Ironically, both types of experts have historical and/or traditional elements and facts that can justify their beliefs. But instead of arguing what is best and why, I wanted to share some general guidelines I’ve observed both from the stage and as … Continue Reading

Breaking the Clapping Trap: Building Bridges, Not Setting Traps

“I didn’t even know what a ‘movement’ was.” My mom said as she recalled the time she took my brother and me to our family’s first symphony concert. Here’s the horror story in my mom’s words: “We arrived early so we could direct the kids to the front row where we assumed they would have the best view. But all they could see was the conductor and a few violins and cellos. By the time we figured this out, the auditorium had filled and the music had begun. When the orchestra stopped … Continue Reading

Don’t Ruin The Concert

“…AND THEN SHE TOTALLY DIVORCED HIS STUPID ASS!” yelled one patron to another. Prior to that comment, the orchestra had grown louder and louder and the energy was robust, full, and palpable! That should have been a glorious moment of serenity after the sudden drop in intense volume. Instead, it turned into the orchestra, and much of the audience, struggling to resist laughter. This happens more than we talk about. The talking, that is. People talk and talk and talk during concerts. I’ve preached often that there are no wrong answers for … Continue Reading

Ruining The Concert Experience For Newcomers

I was having a conversation last week with another arts industry expert who asked me, “What do you think is preventing people from coming to concerts?” I said it’s the perceived rules. There are assumptions that one must come dressed a certain way, assumptions that if one doesn’t know when to clap they are not worthy, and assumptions that if one doesn’t understand the music or its history, they are a less important and/or won’t enjoy it so why spend the money on a ticket. These perceived rules do the opposite of … Continue Reading

Stay On The Couch

There are many reasons people don’t go to the symphony. Some have gone in the past and don’t come back, and some don’t come in the first place. Anyone in the industry knows there are amazing musical experiences to enjoy and be a part of. So why are people choosing to stay home or do other activities when there is such a wealth of great concerts to be enjoyed? Below I’ll list several common reasons people opt out. To make this more lighthearted and fun, let’s make this a game. Find one … Continue Reading