$10 Million to NY Public Radio

From the New York Times: Not all Mondays are bad.  For New York Public Radio’s stations WNYC, WQXR, and NJ Public Radio, this Monday is one to celebrate.  Most of a $10 million grant from the Greene Foundation … is earmarked to support the development of digital operations, including a new feature called “Discover” on the WNYC mobile app. Designed originally with offline underground subway riders in mind, the feature will generate custom downloadable playlists for users who punch in the topics that interest them and the amount of time they want … Continue Reading

NY Expands; NM Contracts

Westchester County residents will be able to get WQXR again. From the NY Times (by Elizabeth Jensen): Over-the-air broadcasts of the classical music radio station WQXR are being restored for some Westchester County residents. The station’s parent company, New York Public Radio, on Monday bought the small Ossining radio station WDFH-FM, at 90.3. Residents of the area lost access to the WQXR signal in 2009, when New York Public Radio bought the station from The New York Times Company and moved the programming to a weaker signal on the FM band… New York Public Radio said … Continue Reading

World’s Biggest Online Classical Destination?

Radio Today  reports that Classic FM in the UK has launched a new website with the claim that it will become the “world’s biggest online classical music destination.” I went to the site here, and got a screen saying they only have rights to air in the UK. This is not the first time I’ve heard that an online station was going to dominate the world.  When NPR dropped most of its own original classical music programming and gathered a coalition of stations to contribute content to NPRmusic.org, they said it was going … Continue Reading

Graham Parker – New VP of WQXR

People can have different relationships with WQXR besides broadcast.  Radio isn’t just FM anymore.  Great content will find people wherever they are – we need to open up the definition of what radio is.

Graham Parker, the new VP of Classical WQXR.  Parker is enthusiastic about the variety of platforms and programming coming out of WQXR, both on the air and online.  He comes to WQXR most recently from the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, an organization that has a unique philosophy of what an orchestra is.

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