No Conductor No Problem Navigating A Conductor-Less Concert Part 1

No Conductor, No Problem: Navigating A Conductor-Less Concert, Part 1

There are no how-to or step-by-step instructional checklists for preparing a conductor-less concert on Wikihow, eHow, Pinterest, or Wikipedia. But generally concertmasters who find themselves in the position of leading a concert without conductor have some kind of prior experience of leading from the concertmaster chair. This experience generally comes from a variety of chamber […]

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please give us money

I’m a condescending bore. You’re an ignorant dilettante. Please give us money.

There is condescension in every field and every aspect of life. You can’t get away from it. But in the nonprofit arts sector the condescending tone needs to stop. And yes, this is somewhat about the snobby affectation classical music can allude to, but it is more about general decency, especially when the coda to […]

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“Tonight I didn’t feel like an inmate”

It is next to impossible to sum up the feelings, the emotional impact, and the shared experiences at the recent violin recital in prison. Performing at Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison was one of those career highlights you don’t really expect, but are utterly grateful for. I published an article leading up to […]

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