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Classical Radio in the Jungle

Warning: Minor spoilers below.  I sat through a good portion of the Golden Globe Awards ceremony last night.  Usually I hate watching awards shows, and for the most part, was bored to tears by this one as well.  But for lovers of classical music, it was delightful to to see Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle take […]

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Classical Music Rising: Does It Go Far Enough?

A new year, and some new things happening in the classical music radio world.  Probably no news is bigger than SRG’s (Station Resource Group) announcement of a new task force to address the concerns that classical music broadcasters face going into the future.  This message appeared in my email inbox just yesterday: We are delighted to […]

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Chamber Music Aversion – What Gives?

We often say that radio is one of the most intimate of all media.  Classical radio, in particular, fits the bill: when I’m on the air, I don’t like to imagine that I’m speaking to hundreds or thousands of people at any given moment, but rather just a small group of people who are sharing […]

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