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Unsettling News from Naxos

Just a brief post here.  But something that flew under my radar a few weeks ago was this: Naxos Records and Pandora have reached a multi-year agreement under which Pandora can stream the entire Naxos catalog.  Pandora has been streaming classical music for years, but this new agreement, to my eyes, looks like a big […]

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Don’t Overestimate Your Audience

This will be a very brief post, and I hope it generates some discussion. One of the biggest mental hurdles I’ve overcome is overestimating my radio audience’s level of involvement in the world of classical music.  When I began in radio, I felt a lot of pressure to speak the language of those who were […]

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A New Year, Some New Jobs Open!

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season.  I just got back from a week-long visit to the in-laws in in Boulder, Colorado.  My out-of-shape ski legs toughed it out through a day at Winter Park, and my wife and I found out (thanks to some blue balloons put in a box […]

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