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Programming for Sound vs. Programming for Engagement

Classical music broadcasting (in most places) has come a long way from what it used to be.  Mostly gone are the days of take-your-medicine programming that didn’t take audience preferences or listening habits into account.  Many stations are on board with appropriately dayparting their music so that the music one hears will be more congruent […]

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Unsettling News from Naxos

Just a brief post here.  But something that flew under my radar a few weeks ago was this: Naxos Records and Pandora have reached a multi-year agreement under which Pandora can stream the entire Naxos catalog.  Pandora has been streaming classical music for years, but this new agreement, to my eyes, looks like a big […]

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Don’t Overestimate Your Audience

This will be a very brief post, and I hope it generates some discussion. One of the biggest mental hurdles I’ve overcome is overestimating my radio audience’s level of involvement in the world of classical music.  When I began in radio, I felt a lot of pressure to speak the language of those who were […]

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