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Just sayin’.

We’re drowning in a river of words: blogs, emails, text messages, tweets, comments, speeches, oratory, rhetoric, verbal engineering, commentary, and spin, spin, spin.  Sure, we contribute our fair share right here on Scanning the Dial, but our contribution to the torrent hopefully sets just the right tone, is just clever enough and feels just right. […]

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Tech study sheds light on classical listeners’ habits

A few weeks ago I paid a quick visit to the Public Radio Program Directors conference in Cleveland. I’m working on an article for Current about the application of midday classical music research, which was discussed on the conference, so I can’t get into that subject on this blog quite yet. But there’s one thing […]

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Bach to Byte in Seattle

Seattle held a technology-classical music summit recently and longtime Seattle music critic Melinda Bargreen wrote up a review that I think has general interest for other communities.  It also adds to the thread we’ve been discussing.  To keep it easier to read, I’m going to print it here in full text after the fold, not […]

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